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Almata company focuses on effective logistics solution and high-quality amenities to satisfy all the needs of Clients and dispatch of cargoes by all types of wagons, on request. Company takes care for Clients’ cargo and choose the best route, fills in all the requested documentation, if requested also provides cargo insurance and delivery door-to-door services. In addition, Client can track daily movement of cargo through company’s tracking system.

  • Available 24/7

  • 10+ years experience

  • Own wagon park

  • Transit Country

  • Efficiency




    • Railway transport and expedition on the territories through Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and CIS Countries (including the transportation in Central Asia republics);
    • cargo transportation by own, rented or general park wagons, where covered wagons are 120 m3, 138 m3, 150 m3, 158 m3;
    • transportation of cargo that cannot be exposed to large swings of temperature by 918 (908) series covered wagons (with a heated body);
    • transportation of light and large volume cargo by 250 m3 CMGV wagons for light cargo
    • transportation of auto equipment and special equipment by 250 m3 CMGV wagons, universal or fitting platforms;
    • transportation of cargo by own, rented or general park railway (sea) containers of 20 and 40 feet and High Cube containers.
    • loading operation in railway terminals and ports;
    • preparation of cargo documents;
    • preparation and arrangement of the transportation of project and oversize shipments.


    • Due to our reliable and loyal partners, we offer door to door air freight services to and from any worldwide destination, as well as providing customs clearance, handling & distribution services.


    • Transportation of small, partial, full truck load with standart 92 m3 semitrailers and 120 m3 autotrains;
    • cargo transportation with fridge semitrailers (from -20°C to +10°C ).


    Transportation of cargo shipping:

    • import, export;
    • transportation of partial (LCL) and fully loaded containers (FCL);
    • cargo delivery by road or rail, transit cargo solutions;
    • cargo tracking and customer information (tracking and tracing);
    • freight transportation in special containers: Open Top, Platform, Flatrack, Reefer, etc.;
    • preparation of cargo packing and shipping documents;
    • customs clearance (Customs brokerage and clearance).
    Container type Internal dimensions
    Length, m Width, m Height, m Capacity, m3
    20' 5,9 2,35 2,39 ~33
    40' 12,03 2,35 2,39 ~68
    40' hc 12,03 2,35 2,69 ~76
    45' hc 13,556 2,35 2,69 ~86


    Multimodal transportation is mixed cargoes ‘delivery using different types of transport (railway, ships, ferry-boats, airplanes, trucks and others). Such a wide range of possibilities helps us to be flexible choosing between different routes and also deliver cargoes to any destination. Our company‘s activity is a guarantee of stable and high quality service. We choose optimal route by reasonable rates.

    We create the most effective logistic plans of cargoes‘ transportation (including oversized) for each client individually. Then we are directing actions of every member of transportation process (cargo-sender, cargo-recipient, state institutions and carriers).

    Multimodal transportations are used for lowering of expenses, choosing optimal ways of transportation, shortening time of delivery.



    During consultation we prepare a new, or optimize the existing chain of logistics in accordance to the customer's individual needs. Our consulting will save you money and time. “Almata Company” will take care of cargo that will be delivered to the destination by the most appropriate means of transport via the most optimal route in the shortest possible time.



    Freight consolidation – it is small consignments from different shippers collection in one place (lots of consolidation center), grouping (also called Road) and transportation to the destination.

    Freight consolidation service by sending small shipments over long routes is especially useful for customers (senders/recipients) and freight companies, as it allows to significantly reduce transportation costs. Freight consolidation allows capably optimize (increase productivity) transportation of various freight, even for a small freight forwaring companies. Cargo consolidation reduces handling operations, as well as road load, which affects traffic on roads and contribute the decrease of environmental pollution.


JSC “Almata Company”

Address: Sauletekio avenue 15-514, LT-10224, Vilnius, Lithuania
Company code: 304149457
VAT code: LT100009896411

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